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Creative Connections

Kelly Maree

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Kelly Maree is a photographer, world traveler, mother and author of the Oskar's Adventures Series.  Kelly has dedicated her books to supporting bereaved families through the RBWH Foundation and Precious Wings

Chrissie Junge

Chrissie Junge Author Alfredo.jpeg

Chrissie Junge is a Brisbane based children’s author and illustrator of Alfredo, the tale of a courageous parrot’s wild journey home to his human family. Alfredo’s sales raise money to rehabilitate and rehome injured or mistreated pet birds in Australia. Chrissie wrote and illustrated Alfredo as a child, later refining the work in her early thirties while living in a self built tiny house in the back of a truck

Karyn Webber

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Karyn Webber is an Ipswich-based author and hairdresser. Ignited by the energy of others, Karyn loves engaging with those around her and empathising with their lives and stories. When she feels someone second-guessing themselves and getting lost among the many, Karyn’s the one to hold their hand and help them show themselves—their true selves. It’s this empathy that drives Karyn as an author, a guide, an advocate, and a ‘big sister’.

Rene Michele

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René Michele is an empowerment coach for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, author, international speaker, advocate, and consultant. 

René rebuilt her own life following decades of childhood trauma, violence, and neglect and today her purpose is to help people transform their lives from victim to victory. René is walking, talking proof that child abuse survivors are not defined by their experiences, nor are they limited by them.

Sally Eberhardt

Sally Eberhardt.jpg

As author of 'Pain-free Networking for Introverts' she helps introverts uncover their superpowers so they can enjoy the many opportunities brought about by good networking.

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